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The flower program by Flowers For Cemeteries, Inc. is  now available via our web site - www.flowersforcemeteries.com  

Let's talk about how a flower program can work for you.  Many times people will purchase their silk cemetery flowers one at a time for each season.  Our flower program allows a multiple purchase of silk flower bouquets, such as spring, summer, fall, and winter, all at one time.

For instance, a four times a year flower program is selected - spring ,summer, fall, and winter.
You will enter the date that you want each flower delivered.   We will make sure the flowers are delivered to you on or before that date.  The flower can then be placed at the grave site by you or your representative.

Why does a flower program make good sense?

The number one benefit is you will not forget to replace the flowers for your loved one. Flowers For Cemeteries will manage the program for you.

The flower program is available for ground bronze vase, ground granite vase, mausoleum vase, niche vase, monument saddle, or the potted silk floral.  Please contact us via live chat, email, or telephone if we can answer any questions.

David J. Broel, VP

New selection for Bud Vases!
A few people thought our Bud Vase collection was too limited and the bouquets were not as full as they wanted. We agree! Yesterday we started designing new bouquets and today we are taking pictures of them. IPLThey should start appearing on the website very soon! Here's a few that we just took, these have not been edited to straighten them yet!
If you have any questions or comments please contact us. We love the feedback! Thanks Michael
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